Work Ethic – with Mark Tweddle

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Work Ethic - with Mark Tweddle

Work ethic and collaboration

Collaborating on a podcast can be a challenging task, especially when it involves multiple hosts and guests. Host Craig Constantine talks with Mark Tweddle about his experiences working on his wife’s podcast.

Tweddle discusses the challenges of coordinating the editing process for a podcast with multiple hosts and guests. He explains how they use a transcription tool called Descript to create a collaborative space for editing the audio. The tool allows the team to easily highlight and comment on sections of the transcription, which the audio engineer can then use to make the necessary edits.

In addition to simplifying the editing process, Tweddle also mentions that Descript allows the team to avoid licensing issues by using music covers in their podcast. Each guest is invited to choose a song that has emotional significance to them, and the team’s musician creates a cover of the song to be used in the episode.

Overall, Tweddle emphasizes the importance of collaboration and the use of tools like Descript in creating a successful podcast. By allowing the entire team to contribute to the editing process, they are able to produce a high-quality show that reflects the vision and voices of all the hosts and guests.

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