About Podtalk

Are you passionate about creating amazing podcasts? Terrific! You are in the right place.

Podtalk is short conversations with podcast creators, that are not just about podcasting… because I like to take the scenic route.

In each episode, I talk with podcast creators about their shows, experiences, what they’ve learned, what motivates them, and… well, everything related to podcasting from the indie creator’s point of view.

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Recent podcast episodes

Happiness – with Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan joins Craig Constantine to explain how he manages to measure happiness without making it a pointless metric and to reveal the profound impact of podcasting on personal connections in the world of employee Read more…

Curious – with Suzi Nou

Suzi Nou joins Craig to discuss how passion and curiosity—for podcasting and anesthesiology—intertwine, revealing the depths of medical podcasting and the art of engaging conversations. “There is this breadth of what people recall— what people Read more…