Transition – with Alasdair Plambeck

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Transition - with Alasdair Plambeck

Explore the journey of creative transformation and the profound shifts that come from embracing the spaces between, as Alasdair Plambeck navigates the end of a significant chapter to discover what lies beyond the familiar boundaries of identity and purpose.

I knew there was a general sense. It’s like, “I’m meant for something more than this,” and I think a lot of people feel that when they’re in what I would call the over-culture. I was very much steeped in— trained for— prepared for— programmed by, all that kind of thing. I work with a lot of people who are maybe in that, but transitioning out, or wanting to transition out, or just maybe feeling that.

~ Alasdair Plambeck, 26:35

Alasdair Plambeck joins Craig Constantine to discuss the nuanced journey of personal and creative transformation. Alasdair shares his thoughtful approach to scheduling, aiming for times that harness his creative energy most effectively. His decisions reflect a deeper stance on being attuned to one’s energy levels and the optimal conditions for creativity and meaningful engagement.

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