Preparation – with Catherine Jaeger

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Preparation - with Catherine Jaeger

The Challenges and Benefits of Adding a Co-Host to Your Podcast

Podcasting is a challenging but rewarding medium, and for many new podcasters, the process of learning how to host and interview guests can be a steep learning curve. In a recent conversation, Catherine Jeager discussed her experiences as a new podcaster and her plans to bring on a co-host for her show.

Catherine has taken a podcasting course and has been experimenting with hosting and interviewing on her own show. She shared that the process of developing these skills has been a “super PhD” experience for her, but she has enjoyed the learning process and is excited to publish her first 10 episodes.

However, the prospect of adding a co-host to her show has raised new challenges for Catherine. She is thinking about the flow and arc of the conversation, and how to balance the styles and personalities of both hosts to create a spontaneous and engaging listening experience. She is also considering the amount of pre-planning and coordination that will be necessary to ensure that the conversation flows smoothly.

Despite the challenges, Catherine is excited about the potential benefits of having a co-host, such as the ability to share hosting duties and have a more dynamic conversation. She is looking forward to exploring these possibilities and continuing to grow and improve as a podcaster.

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