Opportunity – with Gigi Pitman

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Opportunity - with Gigi Pitman

Finding Opportunities to Recover from Burnout and Thrive in Your Work

As a musician and podcaster, Gigi knows a thing or two about the dangers of burnout. In her most recent episode of “Musicians Can Thrive,” she discussed the importance of finding opportunities that can help to recover from burnout and keep you energized and passionate about your work.

“It’s not sufficient to just be like, ‘All right, I’m unplugging. I’m backing away from the thing that burnt me out,'” Gigi said. “You also need to find opportunities that continue to light you up or that re-energize you.”

Gigi spoke about her own experience with burnout, and how she found an opportunity to travel back to her home and work on something that she is passionate about. This opportunity not only helped her to recover from burnout, but also reignited her passion for her work.

“It’s important to not just back away from the thing that burnt you out, but also to find things that still light you up and re-energize you,” Gigi said. “For me, this opportunity was just what I needed to recover and get back to doing what I love.”

In addition to finding opportunities that re-energize you, Gigi also emphasized the importance of being okay with releasing content that may not be perfect. She discussed how she recorded a segment for her podcast in a terrible environment, but decided to release it anyway because the content was important.

“I am definitely a perfectionist, which translates to part of why I got so burned out,” Gigi said. “But I realized that the value of the message was more important than the quality of the audio, and that’s what I want people to take away from my podcast.”

Overall, Gigi’s advice for recovering from burnout is to find opportunities that re-energize you and keep you passionate about your work, and to be okay with releasing content that may not be perfect. By following this advice, you can avoid burnout and continue to thrive in your work.

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