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Impact – with Danny Bauer

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Impact - with Danny Bauer

Danny Bauer reveals the strategic pivot to shorter podcast episodes, fueled by listener analytics, to redefine engagement in digital storytelling.

“[The takeaway from the analytics was] people weren’t along with me. The super consumers— the super listeners— the super ruckus–makers weren’t. That’s what I call my audience. But at the end of the day, it’s a gift—it’s in service to the listener. Even though I would prefer to go deeper and longer, if people aren’t really consuming that, and growing from it, and enjoying that, then what’s the point? In some sense, I’m wasting my time. ~ Danny Bauer, 3:19

Danny Bauer is keen on optimizing his podcast episodes by tailoring them to better match the preferences of his audience, aiming for increased engagement through format adjustments. He highlights the significance of clearly identifying and naming one’s audience to ensure the content resonates deeply and meets their specific needs.

“In life, you’re either a mercenary or you’re a missionary. Mercenaries are going to fight. They’re going to be scarcity minded. Craig has to lose for Danny to win, right. They’re going to compete in the same area, which is called podcasting. Or you’re a missionary and you’re generous, you’re abundant, you do the work even if you’re getting paid or even for free, right. And that’s what I’m doing with school leaders. With the free coaching, it’s because I’m a missionary. It’s about advancing the idea, the category, what we’re putting out and changing the world for the better, versus something that’s just for me.” ~ Danny Bauer, 29:50

In his work supporting educators, Danny is committed to offering resources and strategies that bolster leadership skills, fostering a supportive network that empowers school leaders to navigate the complexities of their roles with confidence and innovation.


Optimization of episode length — the strategic shift to shorter podcast episodes, revealing that listener analytics show higher engagement for episodes under 20 minutes, leading to a content structure pivot.

Naming the audience — the importance of explicitly naming the audience to tailor the podcast’s content more effectively, enhancing connection and relevance.

Supporting educators — commitment to aiding educators, focusing on leadership development and community building to address the challenges faced by school leaders.


Better Leaders, Better Schools — Danny’s web site with information for school leaders, links to his podcast, blog and more.

Danny Bauer on LinkedIn.

Naming our Audiences — Inspired by this conversation with Danny, I started a conversation around how to name our audiences. ~Craig

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