Editing – with Robbie Swale

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Editing - with Robbie Swale

Robbie Swale on His Journey to Appear on 100 Podcasts

Craig Constantine catches up with Robbie Swale, who has set a goal to appear on 100 podcasts in a year. Robbie is now halfway through the year and has appeared on 50 podcasts, which has been difficult to manage. “I just hadn’t thought through what happens if you appear on 50, even just 50 podcasts in, like you say… since the start of the year, and I started a bit late,” Robbie explains to Craig. It’s a bit higher pressure now that he’s two–thirds of the way through the year.

As a result, Robbie is now considering how to stop and when to stop, as he may not be able to complete his goal. “I feel bad because there are some podcasts that I’ve been on that I haven’t shared, because it’s too much for me to do. I’m… well, I’m never going to get to 100 at this rate,” he says.

Despite the challenges, Robbie remains determined to achieve his goal. “I’m still going to carry on because I’m not going to give up,” he says. “But I’m going to have to reassess what that looks like.”

In addition to his goal of appearing on 100 podcasts, Robbie is also the author of several books, including: “How to Start When You’re Stuck” and “How to Share What You’ve Made.” These books provide practical advice for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals, which has helped many readers get unstuck and keep going when they want to give up.

Listen in to hear more about Robbie’s journey and his tips for setting and achieving goals. You can also visit Robbie’s blog at http://www.robbieswale.com to learn more about his books and his podcasting challenge.

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