Drive – with Ben Moreno

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Drive - with Ben Moreno

Drive – with Ben Moreno

In this short conversation, Craig speaks with Ben Marino, the host of the Talk Active podcast. Ben shares his experience with transitioning from visual media, such as video and photography, to audio content creation.

Ben explains that he initially started creating videos and reviews on YouTube, but later became interested in improving the audio quality of his work. He took photography classes and learned about the different terminology and technology used in the audio industry. Ben eventually decided to pivot towards creating audio content and started his own podcast.

During the conversation, Craig and Ben also discuss the technical aspects of podcasting, such as the microphones and audio equipment they use. Ben mentions using a Rode Pod mic and a Zoom ZDM1 mic for his podcast, and suggests the Zoom ZDM1 as a budget-friendly option for those just starting out in podcasting. Craig mentions using a Zoom H6 as an audio interface and an SM58 microphone with an XLR connection.

Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of audio quality in podcasting and the various technical considerations involved in setting up and recording a podcast. It also showcases the diversity of experiences and backgrounds that podcasters bring to the medium.

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