Choice – with Joe Pellerito

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Choice - with Joe Pellerito

Creativity is an elusive and mysterious thing, often hard to recognize and even harder to master. It takes hard work, dedication, and a special kind of talent to see the world with a creative eye. Podcasting is a creative outlet that is often overlooked. Craig Constantine and Joe Pellerito are two experienced podcasters who discuss the unique challenges that podcasting presents and how it can be a rewarding creative endeavor.

I’m going into topics I’m personally passionate about and I also see it as almost a gift for the guest. So whatever that guest is passionate about, what I’ve noticed is they say, “Joe thank you so much. That’s always going to be out there on the internet. My grandkids can hear it someday.”

~ Joe Pellerito, ~5’38”

Craig and Joe recognize that podcasting is a unique form of creativity, since it is not tangible like a painting or a sculpture. There is no physical product that you can point to and say “I made this”, yet the process of creating the podcast is just as rewarding. Joe notes that even his own family members, who are close to the process, can appreciate the hard work that goes into creating a podcast.

One of the main challenges of podcasting is finding a way to make the content engaging and accessible. Craig points out that unless you’re a podcasting nerd, most people won’t be able to recognize all the work that goes into creating the podcast. Joe shares how he has a website,, where people can go to see all the episodes, photos, and other elements that go into making the podcast. Joe also mentions how his son plays a part in the podcast. He does the music production and helps create the template for the conclusion. His son is a high schooler, so his involvement is limited. But Joe enjoys having him be a part of the process, as it allows him to see the tangible results of his hard work.

When I’m traveling for work, coming back on the weekend, and then just continuing to work… who’s left behind? My wife and son, who are right here. My son’s a senior this year, and hey, I want more senior moments. […] Even last night, when I was finishing production for [a podcast episode]. My wife snuck up behind me, touched my shoulder and said, “Will you go play chess with Danny? He’s just really bored right now.” […] …um, yeah, absolutely. I Just dropped my headphones down and walked out there.

~ Joe Pellerito ~19’54”

Craig and Joe emphasize the importance of giving guests a platform to talk about what they are passionate about and to create an experience for the listener. They discuss the importance of exploring side streets, being passionate about topics, and not getting too caught up in the numbers. They also stress the importance of asking for feedback from listeners. Craig has had the unique experience of having strangers approach him and tell him they know him from his podcast. Joe has done surveys for his podcasts and has used direct messages on social media to reach out to people. Craig adds that it’s crucial to make the questions specific and direct so that the listener can give you the best feedback possible.

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