Audio Drama – with Scott Edward Smith

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Audio Drama - with Scott Edward Smith

Lean into the world of audio drama with Scott Edward Smith, as he transforms historical figures into compelling stories, revealing how he reshaped his approach to storytelling to bring theater to the radio.

“As a writer, as a producer, and quite often as the director, I’m taking material that is meant to be seen. And being told you have to make this work in audio—nobody’s going to see what you think— and having to transform… it wasn’t story, it was words. So that the words were more specific. […] It changed how I wrote and also how I spoke, because I had to learn this medium, which gives you no visuals. You have nothing to work with. You just can’t say the things that you do in a play, or a movie or, a television show.” ~ Scott Edward Smith, 4:20

Scott Edward Smith and Craig Constantine dig into the world of audio drama and its resurgence in the era of COVID-19. Scott shares his journey from writing for television, movies, and theater to embracing audio dramas due to the pandemic’s impact on traditional media outlets. He highlights how it forced him into the realm of audio storytelling, transforming his approach to narratives and character development.

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