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Open - with Tom Huntington

Open and Curious

There’s something special about the concept of being “open and curious.” It’s a state of being that allows us to dive into the depths of our humanity, to explore the unknown and uncover new truths. This is something that Craig Constantine knows well. Tom Huntington, Craig’s guest on the podcast, is immediately taken by the concept of open and curious. He has been reflecting on the idea of what is healthy human nature and what are the truths that exist within it. Open and curious fits right in.

“It started early last year,” Craig says. “I began writing and I realized I was writing more and more about my exploration of conversation. I wanted to pull this joyful journey out of everything else that I was doing, so I went and started writing on a new platform completely separate from my websites and projects. That’s how the Open + Curious project got started.”

“Open and curious is not just a guide or a rule,” Craig says. “It’s what it means to be a functional human.”

This idea of open and curious is something that has been reinforced by Tom’s first brain science mentor, Dan Siegel, who wrote a book called The Developing Mind. In it, he discusses the idea of relationships and how they shape who we are.

“In the middle of his book, Dan Siegel was studying brain science and attachment science, and he came up with this term ‘maximal complexity’,” Tom says. “It’s the idea that we need to be open enough in the moment to learning, but not so open that we become chaotic. Finding the balance between the two is key.”

These ideas are powerful, and they’re something that Craig and Tom have both taken to heart. Through their conversations, they have both come to understand the importance of being open and curious, and to recognize the power it has to shape our lives.

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