Podcast guest invitation

Podtalk is short conversations with podcast creators, that are not just about podcasting… because I like to take the scenic route.

In each episode, I talk with podcast creators about their shows, experiences, what they’ve learned, what motivates them, and… well, everything related to podcasting from the indie creator’s point of view.

However, there’s no need to dig in and prepare. You’re welcome to simply show up. 🙂

If you like, you can see the full list of episodes for an overview of every Podtalk episode to get a feel for topics that get discussed.

If you want to learn more about my podcasting work, visit my creator page on Podchaser ↗️. Everything else about me can be found on my personal web site constantine.name ↗️.

Schedule yourself via Calendly

Pick a one-hour spot which works for you:


If you don’t see a day, or time-of-day, that works for you, just get back to me in whatever channel we were communicating. I’ll do my best to find a date/time that works for you. Or tell me when you want me to ask you again later, (“give me a couple weeks”, or “ask me again next month”, …and I’ll followup with you then.)

How everything works

Feel free to ask me questions in whatever medium we were communicating. I’ve tried to anticipate the common questions, but I’m happy to discuss anything in detail.

Safety net

After we stop recording, you decide if I publish it. Seriously. You get a big, safe, veto option. Published or vetoed, I’ll still be glad we had a chance to have a cool conversation.


There’s no need to prepare, and there’s no need to show up early.

Zencaster or Zoom

If you can run the Chrome web browser on your desktop or notebook, we’ll use Zencastr.com to get high-quality audio from your side. If that’s not possible, we can also use Zoom but you’ll be much lower audio quality. We can figure out which method we’ll use after you pick your time for the call.

The podcast is audio-only, so it doesn’t matter what your video looks like. We’ll have video while we’re talking, but only the recorded audio is used for the show.

Record ~30 minutes

After some warm-up conversation, we’ll begin the recording and dive in.

Headphones please

If possible, please have headphones. Without headphones, my voice coming out of your speakers can be picked up by your microphone creating an echo.

Topics and questions for our conversation

We’ll have time to chat before recording so we can decide what we’re talking about.

If you prefer, we can also discuss this in whatever medium we are already communicating in, or we can schedule an un-recorded call to see where our conversation might go.

Can you use what we record?

Yes, of course! You may do whatever you want with what we record.

When we’re done recording, just ask, and I’ll email you download links for the audio files.